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Bank holiday with kids in London

What to do on the bank holiday with the children in London

Saturday 14th August 2021

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Preparing for a bank holiday kids will love? At Three Little Birds, we’ve put together some fun indoor and outdoor activities you can enjoy in London this bank holiday. From picnics in Hyde Park to making bird feeders at home on a rainy day, we have ideas to keep you and the little ones busy no matter the weather.

Picnic in the park

There are plenty of parks for kids in London but here are some of Three Little Birds’ favourites that we think the children will love on the bank holiday.

  • Hyde Park – home to the South Carriage Drive Playground, this playground is great fun for the kids. This park overlooks the sports fields and the Serpentine and offers lots of opportunities for adventurous play with climbing frames, swings and slides. There are lots of eateries and refreshment stands too, should you prefer to buy something when you’re there, and there’s plenty of wildlife, gardens, memorials, statues and fountains to admire.

  • The Green Park – on a sunny day in The Green Park, you can pitch up deck chairs for the family, bring out a ball to play catch and enjoy the wildlife and greenery surrounding you. Get creative with play and bring skipping ropes and hula hoops or play tag. Being outdoors is a great way to get your children moving and burning energy.

Putting together your picnic

Running around and exploring a park is exhausting work, especially for our little ones, so to keep their spirits up on your bank holiday in London, make sure you pack some tasty treats. Below, we’ve shared some exciting nibbles you can make with your children and pop into your picnic basket, ready for a family day out.

  • Rainbow fruit skewers – wash and cut up some colourful fruit such as strawberries, oranges, mangoes, pineapples, kiwi fruits, green grapes and blueberries. Then get your little ones to pop them onto a skewer stick safely. This tasty snack will be refreshing after running around the park. 
  • Filled pitas – halve each pitta and get the fillings ready for your children to fill themselves. Some tasty fillings include turkey and salad, cheese and onion, falafel and tomato.

  • Rocky road slices – measure out the ingredients with your kids and let them mix everything up in a bowl once it’s ready. Then they can pour the mixture onto a baking tray and place it in the fridge. Getting them involved in the chilling process will help them to better understand the science behind cooling and heating foods.

  • Banana, honey and hazelnut smoothie – chop up a banana and add it to your blender container. Have your children add a tablespoon of honey, milk or milk alternative and some hazelnuts. Now that it’s ready, you blend and explain to your children how this is an adult’s task but that they can pour the smoothie into a flask to keep it cool and yummy for the picnic later on. 

When preparing food in the kitchen, it will be a good opportunity to get children measuring out ingredients, combining ingredients and learning where ingredients come from. By teaching them more about what they eat, they will better understand what goes into making their breakfasts, lunches and dinners. They will also feel more confident and more excited about helping out!

Outdoor activities

Being outdoors is exciting for kids but to keep them focused, it’s always good to take some equipment such as balls, hula hoops and skipping ropes with you – it’s these simple ideas that make for a bank holiday kids will love. 

  • Catch – throwing and catching a ball may seem simple but in the early stages of childhood, catching helps to develop numerous skills. Catch can improve a child’s self-confidence, hand-eye coordination, cardiovascular system and social skills. It’s great fun and easy to play no matter where you go – a perfect go-to game to play in the park on the bank holiday in London.

  • Tag – since no one wants to get caught, kids naturally learn how to control their muscles by accelerating and halting. This, in turn, improves their balance, coordination and agility as they attempt to stay away from being tagged. Tag is a great all-rounder, as you don’t need any equipment to play but it certainly gets everyone laughing and out of breath!

  • Hula Hoop – mastering the hula hoop may be difficult, but it’s definitely rewarding if you manage to learn the perfect balance required to keep the hoop up. Hula hooping burns plenty of energy improves balance and strengthens core muscles.

  • Giant noughts and crosses – before leaving for a picnic in the park, create some giant cardboard noughts and crosses – making five of each. At the park, get your children to find four large sticks and place them on the grass, now it’s time to have some fun.

Indoor activities

Sometimes on the bank holidays, it’s nice to stay in, especially when the weather is poor, which is why we’ve put some of our favourite indoor activities together so the fun doesn’t have to stop.

  • Hide and seek – this game is quite strategic as once a child is found during hide and seek, they look to find somewhere better each time. Hide and seek is also great for children’s sensory development as they look for signs and listen out for any noise coming from the person hiding.

  • Make bird feeders – using popsicle sticks, glue, string and outdoor paint, let your kids get creative! Once the structure is there, let the glue dry on the bird feeders, hang them up in a tree and add the birdseed. Seeing birds use their bird feeders will give your kids a sense of accomplishment and might spark an interest in learning more about other avian species.

  • Board games – ideal early learning opportunities, board games can boost language skills, improve focus, help with rule-following, develop team working skills, and help them to be good winners or losers.

  • Natural History Museum – exciting for both parents and kids alike, the Natural History Museum is cram-packed full of thrilling exhibits. From dinosaurs and oceans to space and human evolution, here you’ll discover all of the weird and wonderful quirks of our world. With over 70 million botanical items, 55 million animal exhibits, and countless archaeological relics, rocks and minerals you won’t be disappointed. 

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