During these challenging times with the Coronavirus pandemic, we are following all the Government guidelines and have a range of procedures to keep children, staff and parents safe. Find out more

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Curriculum, play and nutrition

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At Three Little Birds Children’s Nurseries, we use eyLog – an app that enables you to understand your child’s development on a more regular and real-time basis.

It helps you as a parent to have an immersive experience of what the child is doing in the nursery and the context in which your child is engaging in various activities, encouraging their overall growth and development.


Please view our Parent’s guide to find out more, and follow the links to download the app to your smartphone.

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The safety, well-being and happiness of our children, staff and families is our number one priority. During these unprecedented times, we have worked closely with parents and staff, to ensure the safest measures are put into place and our operating procedures support our commitment to keeping everybody safe.



At Three Little Birds Nurseries, we recognise the importance of children having a healthy diet throughout the day.

We offer a balanced and nutritious menu which includes a variety of starchy foods, fruit and vegetables, dairy foods and non-dairy protein, giving children the vitamins they need to grow and develop. Salt and sugars are reduced and kept to a minimum.

We cater for all children’s dietary needs and those with allergies and preferences are offered meals that are as similar as possible to the menu.

Our menus offer a wide range of diverse meals and all staff are trained in food hygiene.

Our commitment to food and nutrition:
• All food professionally tried and tested
• Regularly inspected for food hygiene
• Balanced and nutritious meals for all ages
• Cater for all dietary and individual requirements
• Offer a wide range of diverse dishes
• Use fresh seasonal ingredients
• Salt and sugars reduced and kept to a minimum.

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Learning and curriculum

At Three Little Birds Nurseries, the children learn and develop with awe and wonder, in our safe and secure nursery environment.

Our childcare curriculum follows the government Early Years Foundation Stage framework (EYFS). It supports practitioners by setting the national standards in care, learning and development of children up to the ages of 5years.

The EYFS encompasses all aspects of the children’s learning and development through a holistic approach. Our practitioners support children in learning through play, with a wide range of inspiring activities, enabling environments and secure relationships.

We offer children the opportunity to explore and develop their experiences and learning skills at their own pace. Using children’s interests, practitioners will scaffold learning, enhance the environments and provide activities to support their next steps. Activities will be both child-led and adult-led. This is enhanced by the strong partnership between practitioners and parents.

Every child will be allocated a key person who works closely with them, to ensure their care needs are met, they feel happy, confident and secure, whilst monitoring their learning and development.

A child’s experience in the early years, allows them to build secure foundations for lifelong learning.

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Outdoor Provision

At Three Little Birds Nurseries we believe outdoor play to be an essential part of children’s learning and well-being. We value the outdoor provision as an extension of our indoor environment and therefore offer this throughout the year regardless of the season. We believe there is no such thing as inappropriate weather; only inappropriate clothing and protection.

Outdoor play offers endless learning opportunities to explore nature, as well as embrace children’s curiosity and the world around them.

Studies have shown that outdoor activities improve children’s mental health, well-being and self-confidence. They promote physical development and reduce the risk of obesity. Regular bursts of outdoor play will also mean a good night’s sleep!